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CapJaxMathFax™ Features

CapJaxMathFax™ Features Setup For Practice

For practice or specially created exercises, CapJaxMathFax™ may be set up to present any mix of problems (+, -, x, /) at all levels of difficulty. Setup selections define a set of problems to be presented. Problems are then selected randomly from the set. Addition and subtraction facts are based on integers 0-9. Multiplication and division facts are based on integers 0-10.

Single Level. Levels of difficulty correspond to rows from a math table. Single Level Practice defines the set of problems from the table row of each math type selected. Otherwise, practice sets include all problems up to and including the selected row level.

Facts in Set. Setup selections determine the number of facts available for presentation. Facts from this set are presented sequentially until the user exits or resets. A session length may be set with # Facts Per Session. This causes a Summary Report to be displayed after the specified number of facts has been presented. In longer sessions, the full set of facts is randomly presented before facts are repeated.

Super Seconds. A learner "knows" a fact when it is solved in one try within three seconds. This is a SUPER answer. The 3-second setting may be extended for learners just getting started or for other special reasons. The setting may also be reduced to create extra challenge. The display of actual response seconds is a checkbox option.

Play For Rating

To make practice fun and challenging for the learner, CapJaxMathFax™ provides a rating system. Once the learner has become familiar with CapJaxMathFax™, he or she will progress fastest by "playing for rating." The system keeps score as learners progress through gradually increasing levels of difficulty. Students learn a little more about math as they see their progress displayed graphically on bar charts.

900+ Ratings. Ratings above 900 reflect a summary performance of facts from all levels. SUPER responses from 10-fact sessions are added until the total rating reaches 1000.

T-Score. The T-Score is the cumulative rating for all math types.

* Add 1 to get level for multiplication and division.

Rating Records

The learner's sign-in name is used to create a record in [drive]:Program Files. This record contains a record number along with the learner's name and current ratings. CapJaxMathFax™ also keeps track of learner activity dates and numbers of rating items encountered. Unused records show an asterisk (*) in the record number field. Remaining fields in unused records show the record number. Records may be manually edited to delete and correct user rating information.

Summary Reports

A running summary is maintained during user activity. It may be viewed at any time. The report is routinely displayed at the end of defined sessions. Additional lines for teacher and school information are provided for keyboard entry. The report is pre-formatted for printing.

Detail Reports

A diagnostic report showing details of each fact in a session is viewable and printable.

Message in a Bottle

To add special interest, praise messages that appear at the end of rating sessions sometimes include a bottle icon.
Message in the Bottle
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