Supercharges math fact memorization.
Strengthens and adds fun to any comprehensive math curriculum.

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Teachers & CapJaxMathFax™

CapJaxMathFax™ system reduces the demand on teachers and provides immediate feedback to students.

Success with basic facts determines young learners' first attitudes about math. Students who learn to rattle off sums and differences go on to multiplication and division and from there to fractions and decimals with a degree of confidence.

Learners who struggle with the basics are more hesitant. These students' lack of proficiency with basic computations makes their math work uncertain and frustrating and generally less fun. Ultimately, their success is less than it could be. Many never realize the full extent of their innate math ability.

This is a shame because mastering basic math facts is not difficult. All it takes is structured and routine practice. Unfortunately, it's difficult for teachers to arrange for practice. Practice requires time to prepare quizzes, time to give them, and time to score and review them. Even then, students don't care much for practice. Feedback is slow. Progress isn't always obvious.

What is needed is a system that reduces the demand on teachers and provides immediate feedback to students. Such a system must also have controls that allow small-step goal-setting so progress is evident and guaranteed.

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