Supercharges math fact memorization.
Strengthens and adds fun to any comprehensive math curriculum.

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CapJaxMathFax™ Full Story


The Definitive Course to Math Fact Mastery
CapJaxMathFax Full Story
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By some time near the beginning of first grade children know the single digit numerals and can count to twenty. They also understand the concept of addition.

From this point, if the child has basic keyboard skills and routine access to a computer in or outside of school, he or she can use CapJaxMathFax™, a software-managed process, to master the hundred or so basic addition facts.

CapJaxMathFax requires students to spend only a few minutes per session so mastery may involve months, but the process occurs pleasantly for the student and without measurable teacher effort or class time. Fortunately, the learning involved occurs best with spaced practice over time.

In addition to computational skill, the student also enjoys an abundance of early math success and the invaluable experience of working independently and methodically toward a goal, not to mention the exciting and important experience of simply having fun with math.

While the CapJaxMathFax process unfolds and students build mastery of more and more difficult facts, teachers use class time to address the normal conceptual topics targeted by their curricula. Student participation in these studies is more dynamic and productive because of the shared experience of math fact practice and students' growing computational facility.

Subtraction follows easily, usually before addition is completed, then multiplication and division. All may be accomplished routinely before the end of second grade.

In all cases, learning occurs as students first figure out problems on their own and then internalize solutions through repetition.

Little teacher time or effort is required, but interest and encouragement are vital. Since CapJaxMathFax monitors and measures student achievement at every step, it is easy for students to show teachers evidence of their progress. Routine computer-generated reports and graphs are sufficient to give teachers the information they need to supply meaningful feedback to students. They also give students extra experience with mathematical data.

If teachers wish, students may also maintain parallel progress records on school computers. Since CapJaxMathFax is self-administering and since no premium is placed on how long a student takes to complete it, there is no requirement for teachers to become directly involved or to concern themselves with pace so long as the student's participation is steady.

The process virtually guarantees strong computational skills.



Selections Panel allows full set of practice options. Panel disappears during “Play” to streamline display.
Responses in three seconds are SUPER answers and count toward User Ratings.
3-second standard may be adjusted for beginners.

Immediate positive detailed feedback keeps learners challenged and engaged.

Even incorrect answers are treated gently. Learners are simply invited to try again. Answer is shown on third try.

Prompt positive feedback reflects success and encourages learner.
Colorful bar charts reflect ratings for each math type. Students get visual indication of progress and gain useful experience in reading charts and graphs.

T-score is sum of all four ratings.
Each Rating Session ends with a review of facts needing additional practice.
Review facts are called:

In general, software tracks weaker facts and provides additional practice automatically. Little or no teacher intervention is ever required.

Printable certificates inform parents of student achievement.

Line graphs show user progress and encourage additional practice.

Session details yield printable diagnostic information. Rating Session details are stored in student database.

Key Performance Features and Advantages

CapJaxMathFax™ is a computational skill development utility designed to support any larger math curriculum. It works because it is founded on the proven best elements of effective instructional technology. These features have been systematically designed into the program and account for its success and marked efficiency compared to traditional methods.

Specified Performance Criteria – CapJaxMathFax defines “knowing” a math fact as getting it within three seconds on the first try. This adds precision to performance objectives and gives learners clear statements of achievement. For beginners and exceptional learners the three-second standard may be adjusted.

Constructed Responses – In contrast to multiple-choice selection, learners key in responses based on existing skills and knowledge. Enabling cues and answers are available, but responses within three seconds depend on recall developed through constructive practice.

Positive Reinforcement – Learners see results and response times immediately. SUPER answers are those within the specified time standard. Immediate positive feedback engages learners and reinforces their correct responses. Graduated small-step sessions assure levels of reinforcement sufficient for learning and ultimate success.

Learner Rating – Three-second criteria form the basis for a patented scoring method and a rating system to reflect learner achievement. Learners start at easiest levels and improve steadily. Ratings measure progress and allow learner goal-setting. Colorful bar charts provide an on-screen display of learners’ rating achievements.

LPE – Learner Prompted Event. Using the keyboard or mouse the learner calls for the presentation of each fact instead of waiting passively for facts to appear. The learner controls the pace. This increases learner involvement and initiative, removes stress associated with too fast or too slow automatic fact presentation, and gives the learner “ownership” of the process.

Affirmation – Learner Prompted Events allow moments of reflection following responses. Following correct responses, these moments of satisfaction and performance review are called “affirmation.” Affirmation establishes correct responses more firmly in the learner’s repertoire and facilitates learning of facts to come.

Qualified Feedback – Learners see response times in hundredths of a second. This further qualifies performance feedback. It gives learners a clearer idea of what is required for acceptable performance, provides a degree of challenge, and increases their sense of control.

CAPPERS™ – Cappers are extra review facts presented after each rating session. They repeat the facts not answered within the SUPER interval. Cappers are not scored. They provide extra practice on less well-known facts and improve the efficiency of the learning process.

Complete Detail Log – Maintenance of a complete and detailed historical log of learner activity enables teachers to easily track student performance and identify problem areas.

Achievement Certificates – Printable certificates of session performance provide tangible evidence and rewards of learner progress.

Performance Graphs – CapJaxMathFax provides bar charts showing student achievement and line graphs depicting progress history.

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