Supercharges math fact memorization.
Strengthens and adds fun to any comprehensive math curriculum.

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School Programs with CapJaxMathFax

Launching Mathematicians with CapJaxMathFax™

Annual License - Just $999.99 - Covers all school computers and all students' home computers.
By some time near the beginning of first grade children know the single digit numerals and can count to twenty. They also understand the concept of addition.
From this point, if the child has basic keyboard skills and routine access to a computer in or outside of school, he or she can use CapJaxMathFax™, a software-managed process, to master the hundred or so basic addition facts.

From there the learner advances easily to subtraction, multiplication, and division. CapJaxMathFax is a perfect supplement to your regular math curriculum. The software is inexpensive and individualized licensing is available depending on school size. Your school’s CapJaxMathFax license allows each of your students to use CapJaxMathFax at home as well as on all your school computers.

While CapJaxMathFax is ideal for getting youngsters off to a strong start in math, older students also use it happily. Even high schoolers enjoy brushing up on their computation skills with CapJaxMathFax. And now, at the request of an algebra teacher, the program offers practice with negative values.

CapJaxMathFax gives instant feedback and tracks learner progress. This allows parents as well as teachers to monitor student success and offer praise.

And that’s all they need to do. The program is completely self-paced and self-administering. The process virtually guarantees strong computational skills for all your students. These add up to better learning and the positive attitudes that come with it.

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