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Strengthens and adds fun to any comprehensive math curriculum.

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Why Pick CapJaxMathFax™

Why spend money for software to develop students' computation skills when there are so many alternatives available on the Internet?

It's a reasonable question and it deserves an answer. Math is serious business and this is no time to take chances with your students' success. CapJaxMathFax is the right choice because you can be certain it works. It not only works, it works in a way that fulfills students and leaves them with sense of achievement.

Sure, there are a ton of math games and all sorts of versions of electronic flashcards. But which of them, if any, offers a systematic program that takes the student from beginning to mastery? For all four operations? Which of them automatically determines levels and objectives for student practice and then leads the learner to success, working independently at his or her own pace? And which of them allows parents and teachers to observe and monitor student progress?

There's more. While assurance of success is essential, it's not the only criterion that counts. The student must also feel good about the process. That means the program has to provide a balance between challenge and success, pressure and achievement, and a good system of evaluation and feedback.

CapJaxMathFax provides all these things, not by accident, but through careful application of the principles that govern how people learn.

Use this checklist to compare CapJax to the alternatives:

Does the program address the full range of computation from addition to division?
Does the program address computation with negative as well as positive values?
Will my student clearly understand the objectives of the program?
Is there positive feedback for my student to enjoy working with the program?
Is feedback immediate?
Does the program allow me to monitor my student's performance over time?
Will the program work at my student's best pace for learning?
Will my student succeed at a rate that is challenging, but not frustrating?
Does the program allow time for my student to reflect on his or her work?
Does the program use timing in a way that that minimizes pressure?
Does the program provide printed reports of my student's success?
Does the program provide graphical reports of success and progress?

For some, the question still remains - Is CapJax worth the money? It's the wrong question. A better one is - Is one more day of struggling with math studies worth the cost of a couple of movies.

Or if the learner is just getting started, you could ask - Is this the time to gamble on getting my student off to the best possible start in math? Won't a solid investment now get paid back over and over as success feeds success from one year to the next?

The stakes are high. Isn't it worth giving your students the best chances available?
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